European Games 2023 ▷ Official Dates

Juegos Europeos 2023 ▷Fechas Oficiales

The dates are now official: from June 21 to 25, padel will make its "debut of the five circles" at the third European Games, which will take place in Krakow from June 21 to July 2. And it will be a premiere in style, not only because paddle tennis will have the honor of being among the disciplines that will open the event, but also because of the level and number of participants.

More than 30 countries will compete, with the best players on the field and a program that confirms that paddle tennis is a sport with modern and innovative horizons. In fact, in addition to the men's and women's tournaments, the mixed tournament will also be held, with pairs made up of a man and a woman, which confirms the path of total harmonization undertaken by the FIP between the women's and men's paddle tennis.

With the formalization of the five-day competition in the European Games, the path taken by the president of the International Paddle Federation, Luigi Carraro, in July 2019, when he decided to request the European Olympic Committees, is closed in the best possible way the inclusion of paddle tennis in the official program of the 2023 European Games.

The growth of the discipline, the potential of the FIP competitions, the constant and fruitful activity of information and collaboration with the COE and the two years of hard work with the Polish Federation, led, in May 2021, to the official inclusion of paddle tennis. in the list of disciplines of the European Games. And now, the official dates for the debut at the Games are here.

"It is a huge emotion", said the President of the International Federation, Luigi Carraro, "for all those who love padel, for those who play it and for the athletes who have contributed to the growth of our discipline over the years Looking at the five Olympic rings and seeing a paddle tennis racket in the background is the reward for the hard, serious and incessant work that has allowed us to be chosen by the European Olympic Committees - to which I thank once again - as an independent discipline. I am sure that we will be able to contribute to the success of the European Games, we are looking forward to jumping on the field and now it is official, "see you on June 21 in Krakow".

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