To make a return, all our customers have the option of returning our products within a maximum period of 14 business days. After these 14 calendar days, the return period expires.

Where do I have to notify to make the return?

In order to make the return, you have to contact:

46980 Paterna, Valencia

4-A 46980, Carrer Botiguers.

+34 699 984 661

To add any note or change to the return, let us know through our contact form.

*To meet the deadlines, you only have to communicate before the 14 days that you want to make a return

What about the return?

Once we have verified and accepted the return by both parties, we will refund all applicable payments for your order. It should be borne in mind that all expenses added by the change in the shipping rate will be borne by the customer.

The return will be effective once we have received the products or a verification of the shipment of the products.

How do you have to make the return?

To make the return, it is necessary to keep the box in which the products come. This same box will be the one that the client will use to make the return shipment.

It is necessary to indicate the order number and address, in the subject of the contact form.

The address to make the return is the following:

46980 Paterna, Valencia

4-A 46980, Carrer Botiguers.

+34 699 984 661

If you have any questions or want to modify anything, please contact us through:

    • Phone: +34 699 984 661
    • Gmail:
    • Contact form: here