Smart objectives in the Padel

Objetivos Smart en el Pádel

How to start your sports year?

The beginning of the year is synonymous with a new season. After the Christmas break, the first preseason training sessions begin gradually. A couple of weeks of training and the athlete is already beginning to pick up a rhythm and recover sensations. It is a good time to start setting the goals for the season with your partner and work team.

How to set sports goals?

The importance of setting objectives at the beginning of the season is essential to be able to evaluate the process during the season and at the end of it. I'd like to share several important tips about how goals should be set and why it's important to set them this way.

First of all, we are going to follow the SMART (anglicism) methodology to define our main objective. The objective that follows the SMART method is characterized because it is Specific , Measurable , Achievable , R evant and Temporary .

Specific: It must be a well-detailed objective, the more specific the action, the clearer the objective. It must be formulated in a positive way and must never be abstract. I would answer the question What? One of the most common mistakes when setting a goal could be; “ play better than last year” or “don't make so many mistakes ”.

Measurable: What cannot be measured cannot be improved. So it's a basic feature for us to track and evaluate. I would answer the question How much? An example would be to use the ranking positions; “Be among the regional top3.”

Achievable: The objective must be according to your possibilities, but at the same time it also has to mean a challenge, which can bring out the best in each person. We must avoid objectives that are very easy to achieve and avoid complex objectives that lead to frustration. I would answer the question how?

Relevant: It must be linked to who you are or want to be from now on. The lifestyle you want must be according to your present and future. I would answer the question why?

Temporary: Normally, short, medium and long-term objectives are usually defined. This helps us to make a line in time to be able to evaluate and develop our objectives throughout the process. I would answer the question when? In addition to being able to adjust the objectives throughout the season, since it is advisable to follow an action plan for our objectives.

An example of an objective that a padel player could formulate, gathering these characteristics, could be; “Be among the top 4 couples in the ranking of my Autonomous Community at the end of the year.”

This will help us to be able to formulate smaller objectives during the next competitions, to evaluate oneself and to be able to make adjustments throughout the season. It helps us to have a main focus, as well as avoid personal and sporting disappointments.

Do you want to know more about sports psychology?

If you want to learn more about the involvement of applied sports psychology in paddle tennis, we recommend that you visit the profile of Álex Núñez , editor of this news, Coach specialized in paddle tennis and collaborator of Orven Sport. You can visit their website, here.

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