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Stock in the entire range of paddle tennis rackets 2022. How is it possible?

Stock en toda la gama de palas de pádel 2022 ¿Cómo es posible?

In the paddle tennis sector (as in some others) it is quite normal to relocate the production of paddle tennis rackets and clothing to other countries: China, Pakistan, India...

What a priori may seem like an "advantage" has become a headache for paddle tennis brands.

Since the birth of Orven, they have always opted for the production in Spain of paddle tennis and textile rackets. In this way you can monitor and control the quality at km 0.

It is clear that this entailed some disadvantages at the beginning, but today and after a global pandemic, it has been possible to verify that with the production of paddle tennis rackets in Spain, not only is the quality of the product improved, but also the customer service and production control so that there are no stock breaks.

The increase in interest in our paddle tennis rackets and material has been incredibly noticeable since the beginning of this situation and for this we want to thank you!

From Orven we want to continue supporting employment and national production, generating jobs for more than 100 families. Our entire range of paddle tennis rackets is available.

You can get yours in less than 48 hours!

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