From Padel Courts Deluxe to Orven: the Valencian company triumphs in international padel

De Padel Courts Deluxe a Orven: la empresa valenciana triunfa en el pádel internacional

Padel Court Deloux and Orven Sport

Paddle tennis has become one of the sports with the greatest projection in recent years and, the pandemic, was the definitive push thanks to not being a contact sport and reducing the risks of contagion. A race - or rather, a party -, in which the Valencian Community has not been left behind, and has put its stamp with companies that succeed internationally. The level of growth of this sport has become such that the number of federated licenses continues to grow and surpassed those of tennis in 2019. In fact, last year there were close to 100,000 in Spain.

On this path, two Valencian companies, the largest paddle tennis court factory in the world, Padel Courts Deluxe , and the sports brand Orven Sport , present in 15 countries, have signed a collaboration agreement to offer customers turnkey projects. With these synergies, the two companies make available to investors and fans all the necessary equipment to practice this sport in which they have already carved out a key niche in the market.

The largest paddle court factory in the world

Padel Courts Deluxe , whose facilities are in Granja de Rocamora (Alicante), has been working for 10 years in the development of paddle tennis courts professionally. It currently has a warehouse of more than 14,000 square meters, a production of 2,500 tracks per year and a capacity to sell up to 4,000. In addition, the firm from Alicante is the only one in the world that does not have to outsource its manufacturing processes for the structures and, therefore, does not depend on suppliers.

As his manager explains, Fernando Cánovas , the company -which has already exceeded the decade- arises as a result of the construction crisis as a way of reinventing itself. "The option of promoting paddle tennis at an international level was looked at. At first they called us crazy but we started by installing the first club in the financial center of London," he recalls. From there they arrived, crowned the first slopes in Sweden, were the first to land in Egypt to finally turn the Nordic Countries into their most exploited terrain, although they continue to explore the entire world.

The company not only manufactures, but also offers installation, planning, and post-sale services. "We are very demanding, and this is part of the company's success," says Cánovas. "We want to provide a high-quality product, without losing sight of the economic part and have the best product on the market." Padel Courts Deluxe has one of its distributors in the Nordic countries as an investor, who entered to make the project grow with much larger facilities. "The fact that we do not have to outsource any of the manufacturing allows us to control the traceability of the product and avoid errors at destination," he says.

Currently, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 2,500 tracks per year and is developing up to 4,500 tracks if necessary. "With this possibility , we are able to grow and have facilities at manufacturing peaks so that, when customers want more agility, we can absorb demand and the customer does not suffer delays," he says. Last year the company manufactured 1,500 tracks compared to 486 the previous year. " Growth is very exponential and this year we expect to continue growing with interesting projects until 1800 or 2000," he says.

In addition, the company, which already has a hundred workers, makes a strong commitment to R+D+i and has several patents in progress. "The paddle tennis court is a simple element but it has a lot of potential to be extracted and it is to eliminate as much maintenance as possible," he points out. Now, he is looking for a collaboration with Orven to offer turnkey projects that include the construction of the paddle tennis court, the supply of sports equipment and the management of the club. "It is necessary to increase the competition schools, essential for the training process of the players, above all, in the new international markets", he assures, in a project to which they have added the training of monitors and coaches through an agreement with An academy.

Orven, a sports brand promoted from Valencia

For Orven, paddle tennis has become a world in which there is still a lot to cover. The brand, launched four years ago, belongs to a business group of wineries, food products and national and international distribution networks based in Valencia. "The knowledge of the development of different markets is what has made Orven Sport consolidate itself as one of the most developed brands internationally and with great growth year after year. We put a lot of effort into after-sales service and product guarantees", points out his manager, Maximo Gutierrez.

By 2022, the combined turnover of the two companies will exceed 30 million euros, compared to 16 last year. "The company was born from the relationship that all the partners had in the world of paddle tennis. Our children competed at the junior level," recalls Gutiérrez. "We were going to start as a very local brand, with the idea of ​​manufacturing in Spain to have control of production. We were giving the option of going abroad, and in 2019 we developed Italy, Sweden, we started in the United States and we saw that the project grew with a quality product and a necessary after-sales service that the environment needed", he points out.

Gutiérrez is convinced that control of the product cannot be had outside of Spain. "We look for the materials and manufacture in Spain. We cover the breakage of our blades, because we have less than 1% and there are many of our distributors who change the material if any inconvenience of this type occurs," he highlights. In this way, he assures that his agreement Pádel Courts Deluxe is key to continue growing. "We need a lot of club facilities, and they need to be linked to more material and training," he says. "Today, many investment groups want to invest in health and sports."

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