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La mejor Pala de Pádel 2022 - Orven Sport

Orven Vulcano V2 - The best shovel of 2022

Today we are going to talk about our flagship, the Orven Vulcano, designed for the most demanding attacking players.

Features of the Orven Vulcano V2

As we can see the paddle tennis racket, it is a power racket, with a teardrop shape and a high balance. This indicates that the sweet hitting spot is in the upper part of the racket, which makes it the perfect racket for players looking for maximum power. On the other hand, thanks to its manufacturing materials, the racket responds very well, giving us some control, being very comfortable and manageable.

Why buy the Orven Vulcano V2 paddle tennis racket?

The Vulcano V2 racket is the best option for all those experienced players looking for a paddle racket to get the most out of all their shots. This racket is focused on experienced players who need the best quality and maximum power.

In addition, we can say that thanks to all this, in 2021 we have a breakage rate of all our blades of 1%. Which can give us an idea of ​​how durable and resistant our paddle tennis rackets are.

Construction materials of the Orven Vulcano racket

The Orven Vulcano V2, is made with Kevlar and fiberglass in the frame, providing greater durability and resistance to the racket. The bridges of the paddle tennis racket are also reinforced with carbon. Its faces are made of a double layer of 6K Plain Carbon and highly elastic fiberglass.

Inside the Orven Vulcano V2, we find high-density black EVA rubber , which gives us a soft touch when hitting. This will help us to have greater power and ball output.

Both sides of the racket present roughness on the surface in a texture in the shape of the Orven Sport logo. This makes it easier for us to hit with effect.

It has a built-in anti-vibration system to protect the arm against aggressive blows and thus avoid common problems of injuries to the elbow or wrist.

Why buy the Orven Vulcano paddle tennis racket?

At Orven Sport, we always emphasize producing all our products in Spain, using the best materials and the most rigorous quality controls . All this allows us to offer the best paddle tennis racket on the market.

Buy Vulcano V2 Shovel

For all those players who are interested in buying the Orven Vulcano V2 paddle tennis racket, you can make the purchase directly by clicking here . In addition, thanks to our collaboration with Klarna you will be able to enjoy the best financing options to be able to pay your shovel in installments.

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