Where to buy paddle tennis rackets in 2022

Dónde comprar palas de pádel en 2022

In this article we will show you where to buy paddle tennis rackets in 2022 since the start of the paddle tennis season has left us very interesting new rackets, which aspire to become the favorites of the year, so you can choose your next paddle racket for this anus.

Why compare only recent paddle tennis rackets? Because technology has come a long way in the last 20 years and it doesn't make sense to compare a racket from 1997 with one from 2022.

Where to buy the bestpaddle tennis rackets ?

Are you looking for a new paddle tennis racket? In this guide you will find Where to buy paddle tennis rackets in 2022.

With the increasing popularity of paddle tennis, the variety of paddle tennis rackets is increasing rapidly. It can be a challenge deciding which racket to buy. The type of racket you choose depends on many factors, but a good starting point is based on your skill level and playing style.

Beginners may not have found the right play style for them yet. In this case, you should consider purchasing a racket that is easy to use and has a large sweet spot . As a more experienced player, you can choose rackets based on their shape and other features.

For precise ball placement, you may want to consider a low-swing, round-headed racquet called a control racquet. Teardrop rackets offer both control and power. You can also use a diamond-shaped racket if you have good hitting ability and experience, for example, in tennis. In the offensive game, they emphasize power.

How to choose a paddle tennis racket

Before you start, it's important to know a few basics.

There are some great factors that differentiate paddle tennis rackets. They are the shape, the weight, the location of the sweet spot, the material and the feel.

It is understandable that people come to choose a racket and have no idea what to buy. That's why we've created this list to help.

Padel racket Orven Saona V2

Padel racket orven Saona V2

The Orven Saona V2 padel racket is an excellent padel racket for those looking for the perfect balance between precision and speed. The slightly softer material on the impact surface and the balance of the racket make it easier to exploit the strength of the opponent

  • well balanced racket

The Saona V2 is a well balanced racket, where most of the weight is on the top of the racket. This means that it is easier to hit the ball. The racket balances well in the hand, but we recommend that you decide for yourself how much overgrip you need to apply on the handle, because it is a very individual thing. It's best to try it out for yourself, but we highly recommend changing your overgrip relatively frequently, as a good grip helps you get the best out of your racket.

  • Light but durable paddle tennis racket

The Saona V2 is made of carbon and fiberglass, which makes it a light but durable racket. These materials also make the racket a bit softer, and that makes it easier to take advantage of your opponent's speed on the ball. The textured impact surface improves the racket's grip on the ball, making it easier to spin.

Best paddle tennis racket for beginners

When you discover paddle tennis, you usually spend many hours on the court. You should consider the possibility of buying a paddle tennis racket designed for beginners to benefit your development and avoid injuries. Choose a light and relatively soft racquet with a wide sweet spot. Make sure you have the correct grip thickness so you don't strain your forearms unnecessarily. If necessary, add more overgrips.

Padel racket Orven Maui V2

padel racket orven maui v2

This is the ORVEN MAUI V2 paddle tennis racket in a more playable control version. A good racket for advanced players who want more precision in their shots.

The low balance and rounded shape of the racket make it easy to handle and the sweet spot is in the center of the hitting surface. The quality of the racket allows different densities in the core. By combining each layer, the racket adapts to the force of the shot.

If you are an intermediate or higher level player looking for a racket with excellent control properties, the Orven Maui V2 is the racket for you.

The Orven Maui V2 CORAL is an excellent racket if you're looking for spin and precision over power. It is an attractive and easy to play racket that we consider to be very good value for money.

What is the best paddle tennis brand?

At Orven Sport we want to have a positive impact on society and the world of sport, inspiring others to do the same. That is why we have created a sports brand: we do it with a lot of dedication and commitment, creating a 100% MADE IN SPAIN production and helping local companies.

Padel rackets are classified as low, medium or high balance. A low balance racket is one in which the center of balance is close to the shaft, providing more control for less power. A high balance racquet has a center of balance much higher up the racquet face towards the toe. This is better for playing power shots, although it requires more skill to control the paddle ball.

The lighter the racket, the greater the feel of the ball at the point of impact with the racket. On the other hand, the heavier the racket, the greater amount of power you can have.

The paddle tennis racket Orven Kume V1

padel racket orven kume V1

The Orven Kume V1 racket is an unreal, deluxe, pro-level racket. As accurate as a watch and as comfortable as a glove.

With first-class features and technologies that give the racket maximum durability, resistance, power, control, comfort and maneuverability.

The drop shape offers a fantastic mix of power and control. She can defend well, with good high lobs, and then when she moves to the net she can hit good accurate volleys and big smashes.

A rough surface of course helps grip the ball, which can easily be killed by generating a lot of backspin.

Once you've played padel for a while, it can be fun to switch to a slightly better racket. They tend to have a different shape and slightly smaller hitting surface than the beginner's racket. We have selected the Orven Vulcano V2 padel racket as the best padel racket for intermediate and advanced players.

Once you've been playing padel for a while, it can be fun to upgrade to a slightly better, and especially more advanced padel racket like the orven vulcano V2 padel racket . They tend to have a different shape and a slightly smaller sweet spot (hitting zone) than a beginner's racket. A competitive level racquet usually costs a little more than the simpler racquets, so getting it right is important.

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