Types of paddle courts (costs, maintenance...)

Tipos de pistas de padel (costes,mantenimiento...)

In this article you will be able to see all the types of paddle courts from the classic ones to the panoramic ones, going through the new ones from Orven Sport.

Padel courts are designed for four players and are approximately 25% smaller than a tennis court. The speed of the game, combined with the smaller size of a padel court, makes individual play difficult, and most padel matches feature two pairs of players.

types of paddle courts

Types of paddle courts

Due to this popularity among different ages, more and more residential complexes, educational institutes, sports centers, leisure facilities and even corporate recreational centers are choosing to build one. When installing a paddle tennis court, some key aspects must be taken into account. The first is the type of paddle tennis court you want for your space. There are different types of paddle tennis courts that you can use for your venue.

Differences between different types of paddle courts

We like to differentiate the type of paddle court, by the shape of the structure and based on this we offer 4 different types of courts

Eco frame track : It is the simplest track and it is easy to assemble, it has "frames" in each one of the crystals, and it is widely used in neighborhood communities and private clubs that are looking for an economical price.

Panoramic paddle tennis court : This paddle tennis court is of a slightly higher range, if we look at the rear parts, they do not have frames between the glasses, which offers great visibility in the game and their glasses are usually a little thicker than the previous model (12mm compared to 10mm for the frames)

WPT Professional : Almost all crystals hold together. Unlike the panorama, it does not even have a frame at the junctions of the bottoms with the sides, which makes for maximum visibility in the game. It is used as center court to host tournaments, events or exhibitions

Portable for events : We like to differentiate this type of track, because the structure has a particularity, it is self-supporting and therefore does not damage the ground where it is installed. It has a simple installation and a quick disassembly to facilitate its mobility.

cost of construction of paddle tennis courts

Costs and prices of the construction of paddle tennis courts

Orven Sport builds all types of paddle tennis courts for all types of players: from professionals to beginners and children. All of them are built with independent modular systems using the most resistant and flexible materials on the market.

Construction of a paddle tennis court: Costs and prices

We have different models of facilities, with or without glass enclosure, depending on the type of structure you want: Panoramic, Brutux (Model 160) and Olimpia (Model 80) and the options to choose from.

What we at Orven Sport are very clear about is that we will never build facilities without a minimum of quality, so we summarize some of the characteristics that we consider necessary:

In all types of paddle courts the common characteristics are the following:

  • The structure is galvanized and painted in the oven.
  • They comply with the regulations established by the Spanish Padel Federation.
  • The screws are stainless steel with plastic plugs.
  • Neoprene gaskets.
  • As optional aspects, the construction of the facilities may have
  • Artificial grass of fibrillated or monofilament type and with the colors: green, blue, tile, black and fuchsia.
  • The lighting columns can have 8 spotlights or 4 spotlights of 400 w each.
  • The enclosure can be with doors on both sides of the track or with free openings.
  • The tempered glass panels can be 10 and 12 mm thick, with 6 fixings to the structure in the 3 x 2 size and 4 fixings in the 2 x 2 size.

With all the characteristics mentioned, the price of building a paddle tennis court is between 15,000 euros and 25,000 euros.

Maintenance of a paddle tennis court

Maintenance of a paddle tennis court

Through this post, we will explain how the maintenance of a paddle tennis court works, thus avoiding its rapid deterioration, since if there is no adequate and constant maintenance in these areas, the consequences end up being felt not only in the long term, but also over time. medium and even short term.

With the passage of time, the different types of paddle tennis courts deteriorate, diminishing their characteristics, becoming visually evident.

To guarantee the investment of the tracks, it is vital to carry out adequate and periodic maintenance to prolong the life of the facilities and thus obtain a more outstanding performance and reduce possible problems due to its lack.

We must remember that the courts are characterized by keeping the playing surface extremely clean, and also that the level of the surface has a firm texture so that the bounce of the ball is as required or expected by each player.

Another essential aspect in these tracks is to take into account the drainage of the paddle tennis court, the water drainage must be kept in good condition while the track is active. And, of course, the paddle tennis court must always be impeccable, so maintenance is vital for the facilities.

artificial grass for courts

Artificial grass for paddle tennis courts

Artificial turf is the best pavement to fully enjoy this sport.
Advice for the maintenance of artificial turf on paddle tennis courts. Prepared in advance for intensive use, some essential care must be taken so that it does not get damaged and to guarantee a fun and entertaining experience practicing paddle tennis.

During the first months after the creation of the paddle tennis court, it is necessary to maintain it with enough sand so that there is a complete penetration of it between the fibers of the artificial grass.

During this stage, it is essential to distribute the sand evenly throughout the track and to sweep it continuously -throughout its functional life- to prevent the sand from creating a compacted layer that prevents good drainage, as well as to make it aesthetically attractive.

The sweep frequency will depend on the use of the runway, but in general it is usually about 15 days.

It is also necessary to keep the surface of the track clean of dry leaves and other organic debris so that they do not create a layer of decomposition, again making it difficult for water to drain from the turf.

For this, a garden vacuum cleaner or a leaf sweeper is sufficient.

The same goes for stains that can be created (chewing gum, soft drinks, dog urine, etc.), which must be removed with a freezing spray to harden the rubber of artificial grass in the facilities or by wiping with a cloth soaked in denatured alcohol.

On many occasions, algae or moss tend to appear on the paddle tennis court due to exposure to the elements or poor cleaning. In these cases it is necessary to remedy with quality fungicide and algaecide treatments, which do not have an oily base.

These are some notions of minimum care to avoid the degradation of the facilities.

At Orven Sport we offer you specialized machinery and qualified personnel to carry out this care and all the best types of paddle tennis courts on the market to play whenever you want.

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