The Best Paddle Rackets of 2022

Las Mejores Palas de Padel del 2022

We have tested paddle tennis rackets of all kinds of brands, Orven Sport we have learned from them and we have designed the best paddle tennis rackets of 2022 and here we bring them to you. To select a racket it has to be well balanced, durable and at a price that seems reasonable given the quality of the racket.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are to be used in reality. We have tested padel rackets suitable for beginners, amateurs and advanced players. All rackets have been tested over a long period by players of all three levels.

We have assessed and evaluated the following characteristics:

  • Weight : Here we have evaluated how weight affects the playing properties of the racket. In the evaluation, we have also taken into account the effect of weight on different play styles and the physical size of the player.
  • Control, speed and balance : We have evaluated how the composition of the racket affects its characteristics. We have evaluated the mixture of control and speed in relation to the target group. We have also evaluated the balance position and how it affects the feel of the racket.
  • Material : We have evaluated how the materials of the core and the impact surface affect the main characteristics of the racket, such as control and power. We have also taken into account the durability and lifespan of the materials.

The test results have been evaluated based on what the product costs before awarding a final score.

Are you looking for a new paddle tennis racket? In this guide you will find the best paddle tennis rackets of 2022.

With the rise in popularity of paddle tennis, the variety of paddle tennis rackets is growing rapidly. It can be a challenge deciding which racket to buy. The type of racket you choose depends on many factors, but a great starting point is based on your skill level and playing style.

It is possible that newly initiated padel players have not yet found a style of play that suits them. In that case, you should consider buying a racket that is easy to play and has a wide sweet spot. As a more experienced player, you can choose rackets based on their shape and other features.

To place the ball precisely, you can consider a racket with a round head and a low balance, the so-called control racket. Teardrop head rackets offer equal parts control and power. You can also use a diamond-shaped racket if you have good hitting skills and experience, for example playing tennis. In the offensive game, they emphasize power.

Padel racket Orven Vulcano V2

Padel racket Orven Vulcano V2

Orven Sport's bestseller the Orven Vulcano V2 racket is designed for players looking for maximum power, the racket is a great mix of power and touch. A beginner may have a hard time keeping the ball in the court when there is a harder hit from his opponent.

Speed ​​and power are what dominate this racket, which means you have to be a regular padel player to take advantage of the main features of the Orven Vulcano V2 racket.

The Orven Vulcano V2 paddle tennis racket has a racket frame made of Kevlar and Fiberglass, reinforcing the bridges with Carbon to make it much more durable. The faces have a double layer of 6K Plain Carbon and highly elastic Fiberglass, the balance being more displaced towards the tip, which makes power its main characteristic.

The best control paddle tennis racket


It is the ORVEN MAUI V2 PADEL RACKET in a control version that is easier to play. A good racket for advanced players who want more precision in their shots.

The racket's low balance and round shape make it easy to swing, and the sweet spot is in the center of the hitting surface. Its quality provides different densities in the core. As each layer is combined, the racket adapts to the force of the shot.

If you are an intermediate level player or higher and are looking for a racket with excellent control properties, the Orven Maui V2 racket is for you.

The Orven Maui V2 CORAL padel racket is excellent if you prioritize effects and precision over power. It is an attractive and easy to play paddle tennis racket that we consider to be very good value for money.

What is the best paddle tennis racket for beginners?

The best paddle tennis rackets for beginners in 2022 are:


The best paddle tennis rackets are at Orven Sport. Our brand offers a wide range of padel rackets, from the comfortable and easy-to-handle paddle racket for beginners to the powerful and efficient paddle racket.

Our tests are conducted independently and consist of the honest and objective opinions of the testers. Product selection is carried out and test results are decided without influence from manufacturers, resellers or other internal or external parties.

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