Indoor paddle tennis or outdoor paddle tennis? differences

Pádel indoor o pádel outdoor Diferencias pistas de padel indoor

Many people wonder what is the difference between indoor paddle tennis and outdoor paddle tennis? In this article we will answer all those questions and present data that will surprise you.

In many countries where paddle tennis is popular, high temperatures are a problem when playing outdoors, as it can sometimes be too hot to play. This can be disappointing when you've arranged to play with a group of friends. In countries where the weather can be an obstacle to playing padel, it is encouraging to see that many indoor padel courts are being built. In this article, we will explain the advantages of playing paddle tennis indoors versus outdoors.

Padel indoor vs padel outdoor

An indoor paddle tennis club is a club that offers indoor paddle tennis. On the contrary, an outdoor paddle tennis club is a club that offers outdoor paddle tennis.

If in the north we try to build indoor clubs when we have the budget, which seems logical to allow players to play all year round, we are surprised to see in the south that padel clubs tend to also want to cover themselves.

Indoor paddle tennis or outdoor paddle tennis

Amazing? Indeed, we realize that players prefer to play indoors, for different reasons:

The weather

The weather has a unique role when it comes to playing indoor paddle tennis. On outdoor paddle tennis courts, extreme weather conditions can make it difficult to practice paddle tennis. If the padel court has been soaked with rain, it can make the playing surface unplayable. The court will be slippery, will not offer grip and playing on wet surfaces can cause injuries. On the other hand, heat can pose its own problems. If the court gets too hot, it can be unbearable to play due to the heat given off by the surface, often concrete. Playing in extremely hot weather can be a health risk, as you could expose yourself to sunburn and dehydration, which could lead to heat stroke.

These problems simply do not exist with indoor paddle tennis courts, because the court is protected from the elements and the temperature can be controlled with air conditioning.

Illumination of a paddle tennis court

The lighting of an outdoor paddle tennis court can be limited, especially when there is a lot of sun. Outdoor padel courts are often equipped with floodlights allowing players to play at night, but lighting can be difficult during the day. Extreme sunlight can prevent paddle tennis players from seeing the lines on the court. Gamers can invest in sports sunglasses, but they are often expensive and not always affordable for the casual gamer. Indoor sports courts solve the problem of court lighting, since indoor courts can maintain a constant light level, as established by the venue.

Guaranteed fun on indoor paddle tennis courts

No matter the weather or the conditions, the covered paddle tennis courts guarantee that you will never have barriers when you want to play a game of paddle tennis. Therefore, if you are planning a paddle tennis event, we recommend that you organize it on an indoor court, since the room for disappointment is less. Indoor paddle tennis courts are not as common as outdoor ones, but every year more indoor courts are available for rent.

Paddle tennis is spreading throughout Europe and little by little it is becoming the number one sport to play in countries like Spain, France and Italy. Padel is very addictive, as it combines easy-to-play rules with lots of fun. It is a very popular activity and it is not only for avid sportsmen. Paddle tennis is used by many companies as a team building exercise and is played at many corporate events as the game is easy to learn. It is a game that is played mainly outdoors, since many paddle tennis courts are designed for the outdoors.

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