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From Orven Sport we understand that if you have just started you are in paddle tennis for beginners and that at first it can be complex, every day we work to solve all your doubts. When it comes to beginner padel rackets there are many brands and models to choose from, and it can be difficult to select the right padel rackets. Also, each player is different and has specific needs.
Write to us if you have any questions, although in this article we want to guide you and try to resolve some questions such as:

My first paddle tennis racket, paddle tennis for beginners

paddle tennis rackets for beginners

What is the best model for me? What should I pay more attention to, balance or weight? What is more important power or control?

The choice of paddle tennis rackets for beginners must be a careful task and must be done in the best possible way. In this case, getting the racket right is essential, especially if you are just starting out, since the continuity, performance and evolution that you can achieve over time will depend on it.

There is a fundamental aspect that must be clear: The best racket does not exist

Every player has different needs, which means you should try to find the best racket for you.
That is why you should take into account the advice that we will give you to help you choose your first racket.

What is your budget?

A price range. This is something that varies greatly from player to player. Depending on your resources, you can choose one type of racket or another, or one brand or another. So one of the first questions you should ask yourself is: do you have a budget limit or are there certain brands that appeal to you?

What kind of game are you looking for?

Power, control, versatility? This is another one of the first questions that you must answer clearly. There are players who want to increase their control on the court, others who are looking for extra power with their racket because they don't have it in their arm. And there is another type of player who wants to feel comfortable in any position on the paddle court. What kind of player are you?

If your priority is to have a very light and maneuverable racquet (something unusual), this will limit your options, since the vast majority of racquets weigh between 360 and 375 grams.
Good maneuverability. If you're looking for an "easy to swing" racquet in the 360 ​​gram range, you'll look for a round or teardrop racquet (more on that later).
This aspect of maneuverability is a good recommendation for your first games if you are a beginner (a general recommendation, since there may be players looking for other qualities).

Round, teardrop-shaped or diamond-shaped padel rackets?

Why choose round padel rackets ? These types of rackets are the best for beginners, but also for those who prioritize 2 key aspects of padel: maneuverability and a great soft spot.

These qualities will allow you to have more confidence in your shots, gain security and have fun playing paddle tennis. This type of paddle tennis racket will help you enjoy padel tennis and improve your performance on the court.
Looking for more power? This is something some players look for as they gain confidence in their game, so a good choice here would be a teardrop racket.

I don't care if I win or lose, all I want to do is... destroy my opponent hahaha. Well, this is a joke to tell you that (in my opinion) if you are a beginning player and your only thought is POWER, my recommendation would be to go for a diamond-shaped racket, but as I said, I think the most you'll likely smash your opponent or worse... smash your arm if you're not in good shape.

Hard or soft padel rackets?

paddle tennis rackets for beginners

The hardness of the racket and the type of rubber. This is another of the aspects that we hear the most when choosing a racket, and here I would choose to answer a question first: do I usually feel discomfort in my elbow or arm? If the answer is yes, then I would go directly to a soft or semi-flexible racket (but make sure you don't play your shots too hard, watch your technique, warm up, stretch and train your arm strength).

Do you want to speed up your game with little effort? Well, that is another of the qualities that semi-flexible or soft rackets will give you, that is, a soft racket will improve the launch of the racket ball.

Looking for more durability and power? Then you should go for harder rackets. Softer rackets have slightly less durability than hard rackets. Therefore, if you like to hit the ball and are looking for durability, you should go for a harder racket.

We could go into detail about the hardness of the rackets. Depending on the type of carbon used on the faces, but this aspect has less influence on hardness and would be for "more gourmet" levels of play that go into more detail and have more sensitivity when testing a racket. However, if you are curious, you can find the padel guide on the types of carbon and its hardness here.

Padel rackets for beginners

Here are some examples of paddle tennis rackets for beginners:

Regularly visit this section of padel tips to keep up to date with all the questions from our readers. Together we can help each other. And don't forget that in the Orven Sport Blog we have the latest news from the world of paddle tennis for beginners.

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