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Buying paddle tennis courts is easier than it seems if you contact the right people and have quality information. The rapid growth in the number of players means that the number of courts is also growing rapidly. What is needed to build a paddle tennis court? We have discovered it for you!

Buy paddle tennis courts and install them.

If we look closely at the new paddle tennis courts, we will see that there is a clear dichotomy. On the one hand, many courts are built in tennis clubs and, on the other, many padel malls are created exclusively focused on this sport.

construction of paddle tennis courts


Padel is a great addition to any club. However, buying paddle tennis courts for an association is not usually that easy. This must be discussed with management and approved by the general assembly (ALV). Therefore, it depends on his clubmates. Sometimes it can take longer before tracks can be performed.

The advantage of having an association is that the municipality often helps finance the court. This makes financing more favorable than when it is done through normal channels. However, it is still a significant investment.

commercial organization

For a commercial organization, the construction of paddle tennis courts is usually easier because it does not depend on the parties that have to agree. However, they are often faced with the fact that enough space must be available. Often, an association already has a large park where tennis courts can be added or replaced, for example. For a commercial organization, location is very important. Now you see many old company halls and event venues being used. This is also due to the fact that the location must be at least 6 meters high for the installation of indoor paddle tennis courts.


A permit is not always required for the construction of tracks. The first necessary step is to find out the zoning plan. Please check this first. Often, a tennis club does not need a permit to build a paddle tennis court because it conforms to the urban plan. However, it is advisable to check, as in some cases it is necessary to apply for a permit for earthworks.

In some cases, commercial sites can also bypass permission. They are often not necessary when it comes to indoor courts. In that case, there is nothing to "build" in the eyes of the municipality. In any case, we recommend the indoor slopes for the many advantages they offer. This is another great advantage.

When it comes to buying paddle tennis courts, it is very important to process the permits . There are more and more reports of tracks that cause noise pollution. Make sure the permits are in order and take a noise survey. In addition, include the neighborhood in decisions regarding the purchase of paddle tennis courts.

There are parts that make it easy to build tracks and can also deal with permissions.

buy paddle courts orven

soil investigation

In addition to research on permits and noise, you also need to investigate the soil. Both when courts are built on existing properties (former tennis courts) and when they are built anew. For existing buildings, it is important to find out which layers of soil have been used, how many have been used, and whether they can be reused. For tracks that are going to be built on land that has nothing on it yet, it is important to investigate the soil to see if there is any contamination in it and if it needs to be removed first. This avoids surprises and additional costs during construction.

call for offers

With permits, noise research, and soil research in mind, it's time to call for multiple bids. We always recommend inviting a minimum of 3 people. Consult the NOC*NSF site; They have a list of sports floors. This list contains a number of certified parties that can install paddle tennis courts in accordance with official standards.

Depending on the situation, the design can be chosen. For example, you can choose glass panels or a one-piece glass wall. You can also opt for a door, or just an opening for the cage. Personally, we always recommend that it be ordered without a gate, because in higher level matches or in clinics it is common to see players trying to get the balls out of the cage.

What does the cage have to comply with?

Make sure that the cage meets all the requirements established when buying paddle tennis courts. It is not only about the size of the court, but also about the thickness of the lines, the height of the net and not insignificant safety zones.

surface and materials

There are also rules relating to the surface of the slopes. Please read these rules carefully before accepting a quote. The tracks must have a certain bounce and even have certain colors. Other materials must also meet certain requirements. Discuss this with the parties making the offer to ensure they are well informed.

Paddle tennis court price

Lastly, in many cases cost is also an important consideration when comparing quotes. In our post about the costs of a paddle tennis court we explain it. On average, the total cost of a paddle tennis court is around 55,000 euros. This can be somewhat less when an existing foundation can be reused. An indoor paddle tennis court is usually cheaper than an outdoor court. This is because the concrete foundations are usually already in place and a steel beam construction is sufficient.

Installation of paddle tennis courts

Finally we can build the paddle tennis court. It is difficult to calculate the time it will take for the paddle tennis court to open. This depends on many factors. The difference is that you don't have to lay the foundation. Before it is dry, it takes, depending on the weather, between 4 and 8 weeks. As you can imagine, this has a huge impact on the total time it takes to place the track.

Inspection for tournaments or competitions

However, not all steps have been completed. The court is ready and can be used for rent. It's nice to open the tracks festively with a clinic, but in many cases you will want to offer tournaments and/or competition through the KNLTB. Since 2019 it is mandatory to have the court inspected for this. The courts are part of the NOC*NSF quality guarantee system for sports floors and facilities. This is to ensure the quality and uniformity of the track.

Maintenance of the installations

The construction of a track is not only the process until the final installation. In addition, later you have to maintain the paddle tennis court and you have to pay for it. When playing on artificial grass, it is advisable to spread the sand on the court once a week. As paddle tennis is a game where players are often standing and playing in the same spot, the sand is not spread out evenly. It is also recommended to regularly clean the track with osmosis water. This is water in its purest form, without additives. In clubs, a volunteer who maintains the park can often do this.

In addition, it is also advisable that the company that has laid the tracks carry out real maintenance every six months. They can check for any damage, but also clean up any moss or algae which will make the track last longer. At Orven Sport we take care of everything from maintenance to the installation of paddle tennis courts .


In short, there are many factors to take into account when buying paddle tennis courts. The construction of paddle tennis courts can be a long process, especially from orientation to the actual opening of the court. However, it's also nice to see when the court is finally done. So get started quickly.

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