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What is the best shape for your paddle tennis rackets?

cual es la mejor forma para tus palas de padel

The two main shapes of paddle tennis rackets are diamond and round paddle tennis rackets . They are, by far, the most popular and used in the paddle tennis community. This led me to the question: "what is the best shape for your paddle tennis racket?".

I want to find out what the best way is, and if there is even a "best way", so we did some research.

What is the "sweet spot"?

Before we get to the different shapes of paddle tennis rackets and how to find the best shape for your paddle tennis racket, we need to establish what the " sweet spot " is. Rackets of different shapes have different sweet spots.

The sweet spot is the most effective place to hit the ball.

So when you're on the court, you want to hit the ball in the sweet spot, to get that nice hitting sound and get the best result after playing the ball.

It's one of those things that when you hear it, you know it. Perhaps, when you're out on the court and you play a shot that just doesn't sound right, it's probably because you're missing the "sweet spot."

How does this affect the shape of your paddle blades?

shape of your paddle blades

Well, the sweet spot will be different on different shaped rackets, so you need to hit the ball in different areas when using different rackets.

This is the most important factor that will affect your game when using paddle tennis rackets in different ways.

Let us now look at the two main shapes, round and diamond.

A tip for players of other racket sports
If you are coming from a racket sport where you used a longer racket, such as tennis or squash, you probably feel like you naturally hit the ball closer to the top on your paddle tennis racket.

It might be an idea to look at a diamond shaped racket, since the sweet spot is at the top, you are more likely to hit the ball near the top since you are used to hitting the ball higher up.

The result is a cleaner hit and better ball output. Just a suggestion.

Round padel rackets

The round padel rackets have the sweet spot in the center.

We pride ourselves on having the best round padel racket, the Orven Maui V2 racket .

round paddle rackets

This means that to get the most effective shot, we have to hit the ball right in the center of the racket.

Round paddle tennis rackets also have a low balance, which means that the weight distribution is going to be even throughout the racket, so no one side is going to be heavier than the other.

This gives us information that round rackets are good for the following:

  • Control
  • Beginner/intermediate players
  • The best way to control
  • You will get the most control when you hit the center of a paddle tennis racket. This is because there is a lot of support and material around the racket.

A center sweet spot is going to be pretty forgiving, you could hit the ball around the racket but due to the size of the sweet spot the shot can still be effective.

The best shape for your paddle tennis racket can be round if you are a control player.

The best form for beginning and intermediate players
Beginning and intermediate players may find that they make a lot of mistakes. A round racket with a large sweet spot, and a low balance will help them a lot.

It will be a very "easy" padel racket to use. I say easy, because the player does not have weight differences, and does not have to think about hitting the ball in the right place.

Now, this does NOT mean that if you have an advanced level, you should not use a round-shaped padel racket. They can still be a great tool to use.

Diamond-shaped paddle tennis rackets

Diamond-shaped paddle tennis rackets have the sweet spot at the top.

This is because almost all of them are power oriented.

Now, not all diamond rackets, but many of them are going to have a high balance, which means that the top of the racket is going to be heavier.

This tells us that diamond-shaped rackets are great for:

  • Power
  • advanced players
  • The best shape for power
  • Diamond-shaped rackets are the best suited for power.


Because when you play an aggressive shot or a kick smash/flat smash, you should try to hit the ball near the top of the racket, for the most kick and spin.

The fact that the sweet spot is located here, AND the weight is at the top, is going to maximize power.

The best shape for your paddle tennis racket may be diamond if you are a power player.

hold a hammer

If you held a hammer from the bottom, you'd get more power, right?

If you held a hammer near the top, near the head, you would get much less power, but more control.

The same principle applies to a paddle tennis racket. With the sweet spot further from where you are holding it, (sweet spot is near the top) you naturally get more power when hitting the ball.

The best form for advanced players

Many of the advanced rackets are based on power.

This is because when you're an advanced player, it's common for control not to be your issue, instead you want to focus on getting as much power as possible.

Again, as I've said before, this doesn't mean that if you're an advanced player, you have to get a power racquet.

The best shape for your paddle tennis racket may be diamond if you are an advanced player.

What is the best shape for your paddle tennis rackets? The most crucial part of figuring out which form is for you is determining whether you are a power player or a control player. This will help you know which shape to choose, round for control and diamond for power.

I think this especially applies to intermediate and higher level players.

For beginning players I would recommend going with a control paddle racket as it is going to be very forgiving and control oriented. Very good for a beginner!

What do professional players wear?

Let's see what form of racket professional players on the world paddle circuit use.

  • Ale Galán – Diamond Shape (World No. 1)
  • Juan Lebrón - Diamond shape (No. 2 in the world)
  • Sanyo Gutierrez - Diamond Shape (World No. 4)
  • Miguel Lamperti - Round shape (world no. 23)

Most of the players I encountered had diamond rackets, however, there were a few who used rounds!

Conclusion - What is the best shape for your paddle tennis rackets?

In general, there is no "best shape" for your paddle tennis racket, there is a "best shape" for YOU. For me personally the "best shape" is diamond, but for you it might be round, depending on what your game is.
This is verified by looking at professional players, many use the diamond shape, but some use the round one. Hope this helps you.

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