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Do you want to know the advantages of buying paddle tennis courts? Padel is a popular sport in many countries around the world that is experiencing strong growth in our country.

The installation of a paddle tennis court can be an excellent investment for the managers and owners of a sports center. Discover all the advantages of converting to paddle tennis, as well as all the services that Orven Sport can offer you for the design, construction and installation of paddle tennis courts, with an exclusive patent that minimizes maintenance costs.

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Buy paddle tennis courts

The price of a paddle tennis court depends on several factors, it is usually quite low compared to other courts and its small size allows it to be built practically anywhere. Suffice it to say that two to three paddle tennis courts can be built on the surface of a tennis court.

Our partner is the largest provider in Spain, PCDLX .

This allows obtaining a series of advantages in the construction of these facilities:

  • Increase in the number of people using the sports center
  • Differentiation of the proposed offer becoming a more receptive facility
  • Unused space optimization
  • Possibility of extending the courses for tennis teachers
  • We provide grass for paddle tennis courts
  • Orven Sport is one of the leading suppliers of artificial grass and in recent years, in collaboration with specialized partners, has specialized in the construction of these facilities: from design to installation.

Grass for paddle tennis courts

grass paddle tennis courts

dimensions of a track

According to the International Padel Federation (FIP), the dimensions of a paddle tennis court are 20x10m, approximately half the size of a tennis court, which is normalized by calculating that the limit of the playing surface is given by the structure itself.

These are the main measurements of a track:

  • The facility is divided in half by a network, parallel to which, at a distance of 6.95 m, the service lines are drawn;
  • a perpendicular line divides the area between the network and the service lines in half;
  • Each line is 5 cm wide
  • The backcourt walls are 4 m high.

Measurements of the facilities: Walls

In the case of roofed facilities, that is, without a roof: the rear walls are usually 4 m high at their highest point.
In the case of covered facilities, the walls usually have a height of 8 meters, with a maximum peak of 8.90 meters at the central point of the structure, which is made in the form of a dome or arch to optimize resistance and stability. Loading capacity.
In both cases, Orven Sport builds the structure, including the net, the walls and the cladding if necessary, in fiberglass: a winning choice that reduces wear, eliminates oxidation and therefore reduces maintenance costs, as well as the stains generated by the wear itself.

buy paddle tennis courts


There are several considerations to take into account when buying paddle tennis courts, but the structure of a paddle tennis court always includes certain important elements that are present in all facilities. The normal structure of a paddle tennis court must include:

FLOOR : it is important that the floor of a paddle tennis court meets the criteria of hardness, speed and roughness to guarantee optimal sliding of the ball. Concrete floors treated with non-slip products can be found, but artificial grass is preferred.
WALLS : They are usually prefabricated structures, especially in the case of fixed structures. Also in this case preference is given to the placement of tempered glass, which guarantees the correct rebound and above all favors vision from the outside.
FENCE : The most important element in fencing a paddle tennis court is the material, which must be resistant to the elements and to the stresses of the game. Galvanized or fiberglass mesh is usually preferred to ensure maximum resistance over time. The entrance can be delimited by two doors (just like the fence) or you can also choose to leave it open.
LIGHTING : probably the most important aspect of the structures, it must be designed to guarantee coverage of the entire court, but at the same time it must not dazzle the players. During the construction phase, the materials used and their arrangement must be evaluated to determine the best solution.

How much does a paddle tennis court cost? There is no single answer, since the final budget depends on the materials and the situation in which the track is going to be installed, so we recommend contacting our team to request a budget and they will help you throughout the process.

It is clear, therefore, that the question of how much a paddle tennis court costs cannot be answered definitively, because the bureaucratic process and the intervention of various professionals also affect the final price.

But do not worry. Orven Sport supports you during all phases of the construction of a paddle tennis court to guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio through

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