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What is the best paddle tennis racket?

¿Cuál es la mejor raqueta de pádel?

There is no padel racket that is the best for all categories and all players. On the contrary, paddle tennis players need different types of rackets depending on their level and style of play. In this article, we will help you review the most important aspects that you must take into account to choose the best paddle tennis racket for you.

This is something that you should take into account when choosing the paletero
The shape of the racket can make a big difference to the player and there are three basic shapes to discuss: round, teardrop, and diamond.

What is the best paddle tennis racket?

For beginners, a racket with a round shape or ( control paddle racket ) is usually recommended, since it is easier to move in the air and usually has a larger sweet spot, which is the area of ​​the racket where it is achieved. the best impact on the hit.

One of the best paddle tennis rackets for beginners is currently the Orven Maui V2 paddle racket .

paddle tennis racket orven maui V2

Diamond-shaped paddle tennis rackets are recommended for more experienced players, such as those at an intermediate level who want to advance their game or those who already have an advanced level, and especially for players who like a game offensive, where you need more power and speed on the balls. However, these variants are more difficult to play and their sweet spot is much smaller than many other models.

Halfway between round and diamond-shaped, there are drop-shaped variants. With this shape there can be room for a larger sweet spot and the balance point is usually located in the center of the racket. Teardrop-shaped rackets typically provide players with both speed and control.


The balance point is an important factor in relation to your level of experience and the style of play you want to adopt. With a high balance point, it is easier to hit with adequate power and speed. It's the high balls that need to be hit, so a high balance point is the best way to ensure control of the shot. Greater control increases the chances that the ball will go in the desired direction.

A low balance point is usually good for beginners, those with weaker joints, or those who prefer a more defensive game. It is easier to achieve balance and control with a low balance point as it is closer to the hand holding the handle. As a result, it is also gentler on the player's muscles and joints, especially the wrist and elbow.

A racket with a medium balance point falls between the top two. It suits those who want a bit of both worlds. And it also depends on the other characteristics of the racket, but it is usually an option to go further in the game. Either if you stay with the medium balance or later you go for the high balance. This depends on whether you want to focus more on offensive play or if you want to continue to have good support in both offensive and defensive play.

Materials for paddle tennis rackets

The materials the racket is made of determine whether it is suitable for offensive or defensive play, the durability of the racket, and the price of the racket. The choice of materials can also make a difference in the temperature for which the racket is best suited. Whether it is better for less or more than 25 degrees, which can be seen by whether there is a W or S in the model name.

Carbon fiber is a strong material, often used in the frame. Either alone or combined with other materials. This material is also found on the hitting surface and makes the racket harder as it is a harder material. A hard racket is more suitable for offensive play and often also for those with more playing experience. The harder the racket, the greater the risk of strain on muscles and joints.

Fiberglass is another material that can be found on both the frame and hitting surface, and this material softens the racket more. Therefore, it may be better suited for defensive play, where you tend to pick up low balls or receive slower balls.

In general, the recommendation is that beginners choose a soft racket. It tends to be softer and often has a larger sweet spot. On the other hand, advancing in the offensive game will be more difficult with a very soft racket. However, there are racket models that have a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and then it also depends on the hardness of the core. The harder the core, the harder the racquet and the better suited for speed and power.

which is the best paddle racket 2022


A lighter paddle racket is easier to move in the air, making it easier to change direction quickly with a lighter racket. It also places less strain on the player's muscles and joints than a heavier racket, although heavier rackets produce more powerful shots but are not recommended for beginners or younger players. Its greater weight can more easily cause injuries or problems in the wrist and elbow.

As in all factors, ultimately it is about all the general characteristics of a paddle tennis racket. For example, there is a big difference between a lighter racket that has a low balance point or a high balance point. A higher balance point requires more strength and experience to be used correctly.

The best paddle tennis racket for you does not have to be the best option for others.
It is important to bear in mind that you, as a padel player, need a racket that suits you, your style of play and your level. This means that the best paddle tennis racket for someone is not the same for someone else.


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