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Padel courts in Valencia

Pistas de pádel en Valencia

Are you thinking of investing in paddle tennis courts in Valencia? Paddle tennis is a fun and therapeutic sport from the third millennium, suitable for everyone. It requires less space and maintenance than a tennis court. It can cost half and be twice as profitable.

There are more and more clues, either at a private or community level, or at a public level. The "boom" of paddle tennis continues to advance by leaps and bounds even in difficult times like the ones we live in.

Padel courts in Valencia - Orven Sport

Orven Sport, in collaboration with construction companies with extensive experience in the sector, will be in charge of developing paddle tennis courts in Valencia both in specialized clubs and in private urbanizations.

At Orven Sport we build our tracks with high-quality materials that meet international standards.

The high-quality steel structure can be painted in any RAL color of your choice. The metal parts are painted in a powder coating chamber, which ensures that the paint is distributed evenly.

If you want to see more common characteristics and learn about the different materials used in all the paddle tennis courts in Valencia , click

Types of paddle courts

paddle tennis courts in Valencia dimensions

Currently we can find different types of tracks, as well as sometimes a truly particular combination of elements and materials used in their creation.

  • Courts with grass floor (artificial) with wall or glass wall.
  • Courts with porous concrete floor, wall to wall (sometimes in some cases with concrete floor and glass wall).
  • Mixed lanes with side wall and rear glass wall or with glass sides and bottom wall.
  • Courtyards with precast concrete wall walls.
  • Wooden walls, such as in Calgary, Canada.
  • Even clay courts

Many clients ask us how many types of paddle tennis courts there are and how they differ from each other, well, we are going to try to help you a bit.

We like to differentiate the type of paddle court, by the shape of the structure and based on this we offer 4 different types of courts

Paddle court with frames : It is the simplest and easiest court to assemble, it has "frames" in each of the crystals, and it is widely used in neighborhood communities and private clubs that are looking for an affordable price.

Panoramic paddle tennis court : This paddle tennis court is of a slightly higher range, if we look at the rear parts, they do not have frames between the glasses, which offers great visibility in the game and their glasses are usually a little thicker than the previous model (12mm compared to 10mm for the frames)

WPT professional paddle tennis court : Almost all the crystals are held together. Unlike the panorama, it does not even have a frame at the junctions of the bottoms with the sides, which makes for maximum visibility in the game. It is used as center court to host tournaments, events or exhibitions

Portable paddle tennis court for events : We like to differentiate this type of court, because the structure has a particularity, it is self-supporting and therefore does not damage the ground where it is installed. It has a simple installation and a quick disassembly to facilitate its mobility.

Expanding your sports offer with one or more paddle tennis courts in Valencia is not only a very attractive option from a sporting point of view (area/player ratio of 50 m2 per player). The decision for the paddle tennis is a visibly profitable investment due to the number of a couple of financial aspects. The income or sources of income are the same as tennis. The surface of the walls can optionally be rented as advertising space in the form of banners.

The paddle tennis convinces with its simplicity and adds a high fun factor. The rules of the game are explained quickly and the basic techniques of individual shots are learned in 10 - 15 minutes. The handy racket allows an easy introduction to the sport especially for beginners and also provides quick results and fun for a low-level player. Padel is played in Spain by more than 2 - 2.5M people in more than 12,000 padel courts. It is a very popular sport. In the coming years this sport will gain more and more acceptance in Europe.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and allow your partners to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Be the first in your area to start with paddle tennis. Entry into this sport should be doable for you, easy and it all starts with acquiring the tracks.


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