Padel rackets for BEGINNERS 2022

Palas de Pádel para PRINCIPIANTES 2022

Do you need beginner paddle tennis rackets to get started in this wonderful sport? Are you a beginner padel player who has just started playing tennis and need help finding the right padel racket for you?

For those who have just started playing padel, these are the best padel rackets for beginners in 2022. Here we present some of our favorites. So that your experience with the paddle is positive.

Padel rackets for beginners 2022

It is possible that until now you have played some padel and rented rackets at the padel club. The paddle racket can make a big difference in your experience on the paddle courts. Keeping the ball in play is the most important aspect of having fun on padel, which is why it is important for padel beginners to choose a racket that is forgiving and enjoyable to play.

Buying the right paddle racket you will get a better gaming experience. In this article we will help you find your ideal paddle tennis racket.


The Orven Maui V2 Coral padel racket is developed for players who want to feel the touch of the ball. It is an easy racket to handle, with a lot of control and a very wide sweet spot, without giving up when the ball comes out. At Orven Sport we have thought of everything and with the Maui V2 Coral paddle tennis racket we want to serve all kinds of players who want beginner paddle tennis paddles but of good quality for their initiation. The production of the paddle tennis racket is 100% Made in Spain.

Many people believe that beginner paddle tennis rackets can provide a less pleasant or uncomfortable experience, but this is not always the case, if you know how to search and find a good brand. That is why in this article we present some alternatives that offer good quality paddle tennis rackets, how...


Padel racket Orven Öland V1
The ORVEN ÖLAND V1 RACKET is created for players of all levels, from the Amateur to the Professional, who like a balanced game, where control of the ball and its manageability is their presentation, achieving a very defined style, with a technique accurate. The perfect control paddle. At Orven Sport we think of all players. The ÖLAND V1 paddle tennis racket is created for those who seek precise control of the ball, but do not want to lose comfort. The production of the racket is, like all our range, 100% Made in Spain.
We are already in 2022, and how could it be otherwise Orven Sport keeps up to date with all the news that this year brings to paddle tennis. Our store has the best brands that for this year design paddle tennis rackets with the best injury prevention technologies, as well as the most durable materials, so that you can enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest, without worries.

When choosing a paddle racket we must take into account many factors that can influence the good or bad choice, since there are different shapes, different balances, and many factors that influence your game.

In addition, we must take into account our style of play, this will determine its form. If our game is based on control shots we will acquire a round shape, on the other hand, if our game is based on power shots, we will look for a diamond shape.

At Orven Sport we are committed to offering competitive prices so that the beginner padel player can have paddle tennis rackets and first-class equipment at the best price.

You can be sure that your purchase of rackets through us is the best option, since we are a serious company, focused on our customers and with a brand of rackets at the highest level of quality.

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