Types of paddle tennis rackets

Tipos de palas de pádel

Choosing a racket and knowing the types of paddle tennis rackets can be difficult. In this article we will know the details, concepts and differences between the different paddle tennis rackets.

When we want to buy a racket we find ourselves with one of the most common questions among paddle tennis fans, which is: Which paddle tennis racket to choose? What type of paddle tennis racket?

types of paddle blades

Before talking about the technical aspects of a paddle tennis racket, we must define the different levels of play and the main requirements:

  • Casual player : as your technique is in progress, you should choose a racket that is easy to play, that is quite light, and that offers enough control to put the ball in a good place, round paddle blades are a good choice.
  • Intermediate player : Your playing style is not defined, and you can look for a versatile racket to face any situation. You should be looking for a good mix of power and precision.
  • Advanced Player - Depending on your playing style, you will be looking for a racket with maximum power or great precision.

Types of paddle tennis rackets

One of the main characteristics of the rackets is the shape, since it has the ability to greatly influence the style of play. In general, we can distinguish between 3 types of shapes, although there are variants:

Round paddle tennis racket

For those who seek control:

Round padel rackets basically offer us control, so they are ideal for players who have a long swing and like to hit the ball by letting go of their arm without fear.

This type of shovel is manageable because it is usually perfectly balanced. With the round shape, the forehand and backhand from the back of the field will be our favorite shots, with the peace of mind of hitting the ball without the fear of it going directly to the wall.

We will lose a lot of lifting power especially in the smash and we will have to hold the racket firmly in most of the shots, especially in the volley.

The semi-western grip, also called "AMERICAN" is the one that best adapts to the game with a round or semi-round blade.

Diamond paddle tennis racket

For those looking for power:

This shape, similar to an inverted pyramid, is suitable for a player who has a short swing and therefore needs a little help in terms of power. However, you must have a good technique to hit precise shots, otherwise you run the risk of keeping the racket too far forward with almost no back-swing, since in the DIAMOND format the sweet zone (also called "sweet zone") hit", "sweet spot" "etc) is very centered on the top of the head of the racket and is quite small, so if we don't hit all our shots well we will notice a lack of control that will destabilize our game.

The diamond-shaped padel racket is ideal if you have a great volley and use it with a CONTINENTAL grip keeping the racket head high.

The best shot with a diamond-shaped racket is the flat SMASH (called a paddle in Spanish) with good wrist pronation and hitting the ball at its highest point to get maximum ball height after hitting the back wall. .

In diamond-shaped rackets it is advisable to choose a model that weighs a few grams less than the usual weight used, since they tend to lean a bit since the balance is oriented towards the head of the racket.

Teardrop paddle tennis racket

Versatile and balanced rackets. Balanced power and control.

It is the most common shape, it is currently the one chosen by most fans and it is also the basic shape from which most brands create their new models, as we said there are many types of paddle tennis rackets.

It is ideal for players with a medium swing, thanks to the possibility of choosing a size from CLASSIC to OVERSIZE, depending on whether we have a longer or shorter swing.

The sweet spot of teardrop rackets is in the area of ​​maximum reception of the plate or face of the racket. In general, flat shots, volleys, smashes, wall kicks, etc. they benefit from this large area of ​​support.

In addition, in a teardrop or sled racket we can increase power or control by manipulating or moving the different weights of the racket.

hybrid rackets

This is the category of "whatever" and "good luck." It is a mixture of all or some of the above. They are usually difficult to classify. Or they can be something totally new.

Padel rules

Another of the main differences between paddle tennis and tennis is the serve. In paddle tennis, it is necessary to give a previous bounce to the ball, which cannot go higher than the height of the hip, so that it can be hit on the other court. Instead, in tennis it is done by throwing the ball high up and hitting it before it hits the ground. It must be taken into account that in paddle tennis, the walls of the court are one more element of the game.


Padel is a sport with a simpler technique that does not require as much preparation, the main reason why it has become popular among fans. While in tennis, the movement of the ball is more intense and explosive, which requires a higher level of technique during the game. In paddle tennis, the movements are easier and more dynamic depending on the types of paddle blades you use. Although the technique is less complicated, a good game of paddle tennis will always be a sight to behold.


There is no perfect paddle tennis racket, there are many types of paddle tennis rackets. The most suitable racket for you depends on your personal preferences and your preconditions. Choosing the right racket involves asking yourself how often you play, at what level you play, what is your budget and what is your physical condition.

The blades can be round, diamond or teardrop shaped. Round rackets are suitable for beginners and more experienced players looking for control. More experienced players looking for power should take a look at diamond-shaped rackets. All-purpose players can benefit from the teardrop-shaped blades.

Orven Sport has all types of paddle tennis rackets of the highest quality in its catalog for the most demanding players.

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