How to improve in paddle tennis?

¿Cómo mejorar en el pádel?

How to improve in paddle tennis? We have all asked ourselves this question at some time when we have reached an intermediate level , one of the secrets of padel success is that it is possible to play a game and have fun even as a beginner, as long as the 4 players are at the same level.

how to improve in padel 2022

Something important for any paddle tennis fan, whether professional or beginner, is to identify the aspects to improve in your game, sometimes it is difficult to realize it yourself, so here we give you some tips on how to improve in paddle tennis

How to improve in paddle tennis?

1. The position on the paddle tennis court

The position on the paddle tennis court is an important aspect to take into account if you want to learn how to improve in paddle tennis.

A typical mistake in amateur padel players is to play all the shots from the bottom of the court, standing behind the service line and playing all the balls that come from our rivals in the defensive zone. To play paddle tennis better, you have to understand that even if it is a small paddle tennis court and it is easy to return the ball, you have to go to the net to attack and defend all the points again whenever necessary, understand this defense situation and Attack is a basic concept that beginner paddlers can quickly master to become an experienced player and learn how to improve on the paddle, this requires determination, concentration and a lot of practice.

2. Keep the focus on the game.

We must focus on what is really important in a paddle tennis match, without thinking about the things that happen off the court or details that do not provide relevant information to play well.

  • It is difficult to maintain concentration during a whole game.

  • The important thing is to be able to regain concentration in those moments.

Therefore, we must be able to maintain attention as much as possible, but obviously during a match it is practically impossible to be fully attentive. Therefore, we must recognize the moments in which we lose attention and be able to recover it.

3. Soften shots

Soft blows can be just as effective as hard ones.
You want to hit the ball as hard as you can, and then half that power, that's the pace you want to play at.

Each ball, around 50-70% in terms of pace, and this will allow you to sink a lot more balls and make them effective.

I always say that if you play hard all the time, you will win a lot of people. But then you will reach your limit. You'll get to that point where you can't beat those really good players, and it's because you're not playing soft.

4. Use the warm-up well

improve in the paddle

Before each padel game, you have about 5-10 minutes to warm up, this is really important!

If you take the warm-up seriously and rehearse your strokes well, you will improve your paddle strokes and perform better in the match. The warm up gives you the opportunity to go for your shots without the worry of missing, you can miss every shot but it doesn't matter. But take it seriously and do it right.

5. Footwork first

Another of the common mistakes made by beginners in paddle tennis that we usually see is the use of force but without control when playing. Often we hit the ball from any position without paying attention to the technique and the force of the blow. This can result in the player missing the ball or hitting it too far. For this reason, when playing paddle tennis, you have to practice the movement in combination with the blow. On the Spanish website you can find more information about it, videos with introductions to the movement and hitting the ball.

6. How to improve in paddle tennis? Bend your knees!

It is natural to see beginners hit the ball without bending their knees. Even on the lowest balls, they tend to round their backs instead of their knees. Therefore, it is important to understand how this movement of the legs allows us to perform each action with greater precision and speed. So it is very important, also for your health, that you bend your knees while playing paddle tennis.

7. What paddle tennis racket to buy?

Be careful when choosing your paddle tennis racket: It is essential that, as you improve your technique and gain confidence, your paddle tennis racket improves with you. At Orven Sport we make it easy for you. We have ranges that go from simple paddle tennis rackets for beginners, to the highest quality paddle tennis rackets such as the Orven Vulcano paddle tennis racket , all of them designed so that you can find your ideal paddle tennis racket, according to your level and playing style.

At the beginning, you will see an exponential improvement in your padel skills, which makes the sport much more addictive. Also, if you take a few padel classes from the beginning, you will avoid acquiring bad habits, which could be difficult to break later.

How can we regain concentration?

Creating personalized routines that help you pay attention to that very moment, such as having a service routine, a routine before a failure, a routine on the bench or fully focusing on the ball. This helps us to redirect attention to improve in paddle tennis.

Serving routine : makes it easier for us to pay full attention to that moment. Number of times you bounce the ball, body positioning or a tactical thought of the direction of the serve.

Routine before a failure: it is common to see the players go to the corner of the glass and touch it with their fingers, leaving the track to dry with the towel. All these behaviors are usually concentration routines that serve to redirect attention and mentally prepare for the next point.

Focus attention on the ball : Pay full attention during the trajectory of the ball until the moment of impact. Even being able to fix our attention on the lines or marks that the ball has or use our auditory sense to listen to the hit of the opponent and the bounce of the ball.


There are many exercises that you can apply to train in the game of paddle tennis.

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, some of them will become regulars if you manage to pick up the pace.

In the next lines I will explain some exercises that you can do to improve your serve, your reflexes in the game and thus improve in the paddle

improve your serve
As in tennis, the serve is the starting point of the match.

You can determine the fate of that particular match. It hardly seems like it, but playing an excellent and difficult serve for your opponent is a very important factor if you want to win the point.

Therefore, there are tricks that you can turn into exercises to improve your serve:

body position
A suitable position for both regulation and the best serve can give you a considerable advantage.

The most convenient is the one in which the racket remains slightly open to the outside, the feet aligned in the direction of the plate and the arm aligned with the shoulder. In fact, when you drop the ball from shoulder height, it will have the proper bounce that will allow you to hit a great serve.

Concentration on the paddle

Having the ability to control thought processes to concentrate on a task is one of the keys to achieving good sports performance. Controlling the mind is a determining factor in competition. As for the concentration on the paddle tennis, we could define it as the ability to focus attention on the task that the player is performing without being distracted by irrelevant internal or external stimuli. Some examples of internal and external stimuli could be boos from the public, recent mistakes, behavior of rivals, etc.

However, there always comes a time, usually when you are at an intermediate level, when you get stuck and stop making progress. You continue to play regularly but no longer see signs of improvement.

At Orven Sport we hope we have helped you in this article and that you have learned how to improve on paddle tennis.

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