First steps in paddle tennis for beginners

Primeros pasos en el pádel para principiantes

Paddle tennis for beginners is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is a social sport that never gets monotonous and suits most people.

It is easy to get started in paddle tennis for beginners, while it is a challenge to fully master the sport. Our tips on paddle tennis for beginners will help you get off to a fun and successful start in your new hobby.

With this post we hope to help you by sharing some suggestions so that, in addition to getting started in the relationship with paddle tennis, we can make it last a long time, and that you always have the incentive to want to learn to play a little more.

First steps in paddle tennis for beginners

use the walls

The walls are usually the strangest part for players just learning the game. Whether players are coming from tennis or are inexperienced with padel rackets , understanding rebound can be difficult.

Players who approach padel tend to avoid the walls due to a lack of confidence, but this will only slow down learning that part of the game. So the advice for paddle tennis is to get used to using the glass!

learn the technique

Padel is a relatively easy sport to learn, since only a basic technique is required. This means that players often don't think they need to learn technique.

This means that the player will most likely pick up bad habits. From the point of view of a paddle tennis coach, it is much easier to correct the technique of a player who has just started, than that of a player who has been playing for years without having received early guidance.

forget about power

There is an enormously satisfying feeling when hitting the paddle ball around the court. The sound of the racket, the quick rebounds, the rivals (who are also new to the game) running confused... but paddle tennis is not a game of power
Hitting timing is crucial to earn more points Many players like to hit as hard as they can and in most situations this can lead to problems, but in this video I explain when is a GOOD time to hit...

Yes, there are punches that require your maximum strength, but those are just a couple. Using too much force learning the game will probably lead to mistakes. But also, when you play against better players, they'll just let your monster groundstrokes bounce off the glass and are often better for it. Start by learning to control the ball, before developing your paddle strokes, at Orven Sport we have many articles and videos that will help you.

Choose your ideal paddle tennis racket

Be careful when choosing your paddle tennis racket: It is essential that as you improve your technique and gain confidence, your paddle improves with you. At Orven Sport we make it easy for you. We have ranges that go from simple paddle tennis rackets for beginners, to the highest quality paddle rackets such as the Orven Vulcano paddle tennis racket , all of them designed so that you can find your ideal paddle tennis racket, according to your level and style of play.

Why should I start padel for beginners?

paddle steps for beginners

Padel is good for the brain

Padel is a ball game and that means that the sport has speed. The speed of the tactical changes between the players and the speed of the different exchanges of the ball are much more than in tennis. This has a lot to do with the fact that the track is smaller and they are closer to each other. Also, the ball has less speed than in tennis, so there is a much better chance that your opponents will be able to return the ball. Third, the walls can be used, which means the ball is in play much longer, with fewer dull moments. In tennis, the ball is often out and you have to go looking for it, which creates a lot of pauses.

Mentally, the increased speed of swings on the paddle means that the brain has to calculate faster and faster where the ball is coming from and what needs to be done to return it. Padel is clearly more dynamic than tennis. The brain is challenged more than in tennis. Paddle tennis is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical skills are required and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits, and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily with as much precision as in tennis.

Padel is fun.

More fun also means that there can be more laughs playing padel and that is the experience many players have. More laughs means that social interactions between players are smoother and much more relaxed. Therefore, people are less sensitive in padel and even the most competitive players are more emotionally normal than with other competitive ball sports. In fact, paddle tennis stimulates parts of the brain that can regulate emotions (for example, the prefrontal cortex). Another reason why padel is more social than other ball games is that competition levels can vary more. Although the levels of competition vary, in paddle tennis you can always have good rallies, much more than in tennis.

Is it easy to learn to play paddle tennis for beginners?

Paddle tennis is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical skills are required and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits, and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily with such precision like in tennis.

The most important part of your introduction to padel is that you enjoy the game.

We hope we have helped you in this article and that you have learned how to improve in paddle tennis for beginners.

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